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Government CRM Software Solutions

Customer Relationship Management systems have been common place in the private commercial sector for decades, however, until about the turn of the century these customer facing business applications were often considered a poor fit for government and public sector institutions. No more. CRM software manufacturers have evolved their front office software applications away from the typical sales force model to a customer-service or service delivery focus. Now, these CRM software vendors and an array of consulting firms deliver solutions specifically designed for government objectives. The majority of CRM suppliers have also migrated the CRM acronym from Customer Relationship Management to Constituent Relationship Management (CRM).

While thousands of worldwide local, provincial and federal agencies have adopted CRM solutions, countries such as Singapore and the United States have set the global pace and achieved dramatic improvements in citizen service while at the same time lowering taxpayer costs. In the US, the 2007 government market share of the CRM software sector was an impressive 6 percent and projected to increase 5.5 percent annually.

Government of all types have embraced CRM systems to improve citizen-centric government, deliver streamlined process automation, lower taxpayer costs, improve operating efficiencies, and contribute to their missions. While the public sector has not settled on a universal definition for the CRM term (some call it 'Customer Relationship Management' while others use the phrase 'Constituent Relationship Management'), government has achieved a consensus which clearly endorses CRM strategies and CRM software systems as the tools to achieve the stated strategies. Public sector CRM systems have many purposes, including citizen management, outreach programs, constituent relationship management, citizen self service, case management, incident management, economic promotion programs, export trade promotion, event management, project management and 311 call centers to name just a few.

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The single most noticeable shift in public sector CRM software solutions has been the undeniable adoption of SaaS (software as a service) CRM systems. The government SaaS systems are much more than a change in software technology. SaaS CRM solutions have brought fundamental shifts to the purchasing, implementation, delivery, management, user adoption and support of constituent or customer relationship management software systems.

  • Purchases have changed from an up front capital expenditure to a monthly or yearly subscription for as long as the CRM application is used.
  • Eliminating software to install and hardware to purchase and implement, software deployments occur much more quickly (and at a lower cost).
  • Software solutions are remotely delivered over the Internet thereby offering anytime, anywhere access with nothing more than a web browser.
  • Software management and support has been off loaded from in house IT staff to outsourced experts as part of the software subscription fee.
  • User adoption has increased in large part due to shorter learning curves, easier to use systems and more intuitive navigation.

On Demand CRM Systems  

Government Software Solutions

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SaaS CRM Advantages
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Lower total cost of ownership

Accelerated implementation
Budget predictability
Reliability backed with SLA
No more costly upgrades
Shared risk with vendor


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